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Home Business Works ~ My Google Plus Brand Account

Posted by [email protected] on September 2, 2017 at 12:55 PM

Google Plus (G+) is very gracious to people who want to build their online presence by allowing G+ users to create brand accounts and to link them to their websites or blogs. There is no charge to create the page. At one time they were called business pages. Now Google refers to them as brand accounts. Whatever you call they are a fantastic tool for expanding your online presence, building your brand, growing your following, etc.

If you have a Google+ profile you can create one or more Google+ brand accounts. With my brand account I took advantage of another feature, the G+ Collections. To date my business page has three collections. What's the plus for creating Collections? It increases your online presence. How? Perhaps your brand account only has a few hundred followers or subscribers that keep up with your posts. However, if you create a specific collection that organizes your post under a broader topic (as opposed to your business name), people who don't follow your page can follow your collections. For example, my brand account has a couple hundred followers. However, I have a collection that shares tips and advice for business, linked to my brand account, which has double the amount of followers. There are other benefits for G+ brand accounts and G+ collections, but I'm sure this information gives you enough incentive to explore further.

Home Business Works business page on Google Plus

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Three main websites that supply links to other websites and blogs:

- DIY website built with app

- DIY website built with app (screenshot image below)

- DIY website with webmaster tool

Any questions?

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